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What the QDCAM is?
QDCAM is a high-speed box camera best for sports shooting.MEDIAEDGE designed this camera with a “Four Thirds” camera mount system, which will allow customers to choose the lens for QDCAM from the various lenses for the “For Thirds” camera in the world.
Customers can configure the high-speed camera system at an affordable cost.

Key Features
・High-Speed shooting: 1920×1080/239.8p, 200p
・High resolution shooting: 4096×2160/24p, 3840×2160/60p,50p
・A new synchronization system
・Fan-less quiet camera
・Optical transmission option using SMTPE opt-camera cable
・Micro four-thirds lens mount
・Global shutter CMOS image sensor

・Slow-Motion Replay
・Multi-Angle View
・Image Analysis for Sport Judgement System
・Wide Angle & Closeup Shot for Sports Broadcast
・Video Capture Tool for Sports Coaching

Product Specs

Camera (ME-BXC-CM100)

Image Pickup Device
・1/1.1” 8.8 million-pixel CMOS image sensor with global shutter
・Single image sensor with Bayer color configuration
Lens Mount
・Micro four-thirds system
Output Video Format
・4096×2160/24p, 23.98p (quad 1.5G-SDI)
・3840×2160/60p, 59.94p, 50p (quad 3G-SDI)
・3840×2160/24p, 23.98p (quad 1.5G-SDI)
・1920×1080/240p, 239.8p, 200p (quad 3G-SDI)
・1920×1080/60p, 59.94p, 50p (3G-SDI)
・1920×1080/24p, 23.98p (1.5G-SDI)
・1920×1080/59.94i, 50i (1.5G-SDI)
Genlock Reference
・Tri-level Sync or Black Burst
Operating Temperature
・-5℃ to 45℃ (23℉ to 113℉)
・75mm x 75mm x 127mm (excluding protrusions)
Source Voltage
・DC 13.8V (DC 11.8V16.8V)
Power Consumption
・10W (excluding lens/controller power)

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