opticalCON® DRAGONFLY Fiber Optic Camera Connector System

Neutrik USA, Inc.
Neutrik USA, Inc.

Neutrik’s opticalCON® DRAGONFLY Fiber Optic Camera Connector Series provides a state-of-the-art alternative to common hybrid camera signal transmission systems. Occupying the same physical cutout as legacy SMPTEconnector systems, DRAGONFLY offers modular chassis technology, IP68 environmental protection, crimp power contacts, Neutrik’s proven anti-kink boot design, and a long life of 10,000 mating cycles. opticalCON DRAGONFLY is appropriate for all camera signals, including 4K and 8K uncompressed UHD signals.


opticalCON DRAGONFLY is based on Neutrik’s patented XB2 lens technology. XB2 is an innovative, high-performance expanded beam solution. It is 322 times larger than physical contact surfaces yet much smaller than other expanded beam solutions. The relatively small size of the XB2 lens provides low signal attenuation that is competitive with physical contact connectivity solutions while offering high insensitivity to dust and dirt pollution and extremely easy cleaning.  


Pre-terminated DRAGONFLY cable assemblies are available, as is a fusion-splicing option for fiber lab or field cable termination and repair. With its easy fusion-splice fiber termination and crimp power contacts, opticalCON DRAGONFLY allows the two fibers and four copper contacts of SMPTE 311M cable to be deployed quickly and flexibly wherever required. 

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