Omnia Enterprise 9s High-Density Virtual Audio Processing Software

Telos Alliance


Meet Omnia Enterprise 9s, the high-density audio processing software solution designed with the flexibility to meet the rapidly changing infrastructure needs of broadcasters as they transition to virtualized environments. 9s is a custom solution for high-density server-based (virtual) systems for customers with a large volume of signals that need to be processed. Talk with our sales team to design your 9s solution based on your specific needs.

Scalable, Customizable, Centralized 

9s combines product modules in a new and unique way to deliver the software-only, high-density solution needed by today’s broadcasters. Each system can be customized to your needs, which allows you to make changes as your requirements change. 9s can be programmed for FM and streaming, for example, giving you the flexibility to quickly add specialty channels. For example, as you add more streaming channels to your network, 9s adapts to fit your needs.

Centralize your processing by using 9s at the head end and transmit either L/R audio to each transmitter location or the full composite signal to the transmitter using the new Omnia MPX node.

Virtualized Audio Processing 

Each stereo program is processed by its own unique processing engine, allowing each program to be uniquely tailored to suit the program material, audience, and delivery method. A variety of factory presets are included and can be used as-is or serve as starting points for custom user presets. 

“Basic” adjustment mode greatly simplifies dialing in the desired sound by combining multiple processing parameters with a handful of controls. For instances where it is necessary to access every available individual control, “Intermediate” and “Expert” modes are available.

Product Specs