Nila Lighting Systems

Nila LED Lighting

Nila is well-known as an LED fixture manufacturer, but we design and install turnkey LED lighting systems too. We’d love to be included in your next project, no matter the size and budget. We’ll work with you to create a lighting plan that will improve brightness levels, reduce glare, and save you money every single day. We’ll also manage the crews and train your personnel for a truly trouble-free install.

Nila’s custom LED lighting systems are versatile and user friendly, providing maximum return on investment, utilance, and longevity. Most of our customers see a total return on their investment in less than two years. These savings stem from the dramatic reduction in energy expenditures, maintenance savings, and even cooling costs for many facilities.

Our LED fixtures are among the most efficient luminaires in the world. They have output that blows our non-LED competitors out of the water with better color, better consistency, and better energy utilization across the board. They produce beautiful, full-spectrum light that’s superior to traditional lighting technologies in every way.

Nila offers LED lighting systems with nothing more to buy, ever. Our systems have no hidden costs and no disabled features.

Product Specs

  • State of the art, durable, high-powered LED luminaires

  • A custom lighting design created by Hollywood production veterans

  • A reliable control system that simply works every time

  • Instant-on technology to alleviate long warm-up periods

  • Tremendous energy savings no matter what options you choose

  • Beautiful, color-correct, light where you want it

  • Hardware that won’t need to be replaced in the foreseeable future

  • An iron clad warranty with service provided by Nila

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