Mistika VR


Recognized by the industry, Mistika VR is an affordable VR focused solution with real-time stitching capabilities using Mistika Optical Flow Technology.

Developed using totally unique stitching algorithms, award-winning Mistika VR takes the headaches of parallaxes away with its smart stitching capabilities allowing you to maintain the highest image quality.

One of Mistika VR’s most distinguishing characteristics is its render speed. Mistika VR achieves speeds quicker than real-time for encoding 4K VR media thanks to Nvidia GPU.


The fastest optical flow stitching software on the market

Mistika VR is by far the fastest stitching software that is currently available in the market with over 2,000 active users. Stitch, review, improve, and get perfect results in just seconds.

 Real-time Optical Flow to work with any camera rig

Our award-winning Optical Flow technology allows you to fix stitch problems from any camera in any situation. Mistika VR is fully compatible with any rig in the market.

Total User Control

The GUI has been designed to offer total control to the user. Every aspect of the stitch can be manipulated and animated to offer perfect results no matter the difficulty.

Dedicated Support and Continious Development

At SGO, we continuously work to improve our software and solutions. We not only welcome customer feedback but encourage it, so try Mistika VR and tell us what you think.

Product Specs

Supported on Windows and macOS

Camera agnostic

GPU Accelerated 

+40 Camera Presets

One-click Stabilization

Insta360 Flowstate Stabilization Integration

Stereo 3D

PTGUI Support

Hugin Support

Stitch Corrections

Vignetting Corrections


Dolby Vision

Audio Sync

Color Match

Optical Flow

Edge Points

Feather per Camera

External Render Farms



VR 180º.

More technical specs of Mistika VR can be found HERE.

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