Miria – Data Management | Data Backup and Migration


Miria is a vendor agnostic Data Management software solution for large file data sets and storages that offers a complete range of services:

• Data analytics of all petabyte-scale file and object storages (disk/cloud), 

• High performance storage data protection,

• Efficient and reliable file sets migration between heterogeneous storages and file systems,

• Fully automated or end-user driven archiving of colder data to any storage (air gap/tape, cloud, etc.).

The solution offers a central intuitive web interface that administrators can use to configure data management or data protection, and grant user privileges. Users can also

leverage this interface to perform their tasks and follow-up on tasks progress – archiving, recovery job monitoring, copy handling, storage supervision or tape management.

Product Specs

Miria for Analytics
In the world of data storage, knowledge is power. Miria for Analytics dashboards provide simple, clear and pertinent storage usage overview (NAS, PFS, Scaleout NAS), object storage or cloud storage (Google GCS, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Swift, …).

Miria for Backup
Some companies believe that petascale volumes are just too big to be protected. At Atempo, we figure that not backing large file storages, Object, Cloud, PFS/NAS is simply not an option.

Miria for Synchronization
Companies increasingly use heterogeneous storage infrastructures: multiple vendors, different technologies, on-prem or in the cloud or both. They face the growing need to “share” their large file-sets between remote locations and are looking for a cost-effective solution to synchronize their storages.

Miria for Migration
Data mobility has become a powerful asset for organizations looking to exploit unstructured data, for those who need to switch technologies or simply increase performance and storage capacity.

Miria for Archiving
An archive process removes data from one storage and moves it to another. As modern archives repositories are increasingly voluminous (both in terms of size and file numbers), it is essential to use a tool that ensure the security and longevity of the data as well as provides built-in capacity to move the archive between storages at will while preserving data security and availability in time.

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