MDP3020 Modular IP Media Gateway (encoder/decoder)

Media Links

The MDP3020 MAXis a standalone platform of edge devices, designed to address the need for a portable, network protected, remotely configurable and cost effective edge device. The MDP3020 can process ever-increasing amounts of media information over IP networks, existing broadcast networks, as well as point-to-point fiber networks.

The MDP3020 is designed primarily for smaller scale remote production, MD8000 edge, TV distribution, and local point-to-point applications where economical IP media transport/conversion is required.

  • Compact and portable – half-1RU footprint
  • Available in three modular editions including Optical, Electrical and SFN
  • Multi format support, including 3G / HD / DVB-ASI / SD-SDI
  • SDI and HDMI output interfaces (SDI only for SFN Edition)
  • High capacity trunk interface
  • Upgradable functionality

The device can be used in various configurations, either separately or in combination with multi-channel capability:

  • For Contribution applications, as an edge device (encoder)
  • For Distribution applications, as a remote video play-out device (decoder)
  • For Point-to-Point local video and distribution applications, when used in pairs (encoder to decoder)
  • For IP distribution of digital television broadcast signals
  • Remote Production
  • SFN distribution of Digital Television signals

Available Models:

  • JPEG2000 Set-up – 2x JPEG2000 or Uncompressed Video plus 2x data and 3G/HD/SD-SDI/DVB-ASI
  • JPEG-XS Set-up – 4x JPEG-XS or Uncompressed Video plus 1x Data, with Electrical 3G/HD/SD-SDI/DVB-ASI
  • SFN Set-up – 4 x Uncompressed Video plus 2x data, DVB-ASI Only

The Media Links MDP3020 is part of the MDP Series of standalone edge devices for the broadcast media market. The MDP3000 Series of configurable IP media gateways provide compact, economical interfaces to adapt media signals into IP network formats. Built to occupy a small footprint, these units are easy to deploy in any location where video, audio and/or data signals need to be originated or delivered. Uncompressed and compressed video processing is supported along with dual 10Gbps seamless protection switching trunk interfaces.

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Product Specs

Technical Features:

  • Available with either electric (BNC, up to 3Gbps), Optical and SFN rear-modules
  • 2 x video input/output ports (Max 2 total)
  • Compatible with MD8000 platform
  • Follows Standards (including 2022-2/6/7, TR-01)
  • Simultaneous video, audio, and data services
  • 1GbE or 10GbE trunk interface
  • Dual trunk protection (In/Out band Management)
  • All resolutions up to 1080p
  • On board provisioning interface

For full technical specifications, please DOWNLOAD Datasheet.

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