M-SAFESWITCH-2 IP/SDI fail-safe routing switch

Crystal Vision Ltd.

The M-SAFESWITCH-2 routing switch has been designed to keep broadcasters on air, whether they are working in IP or SDI or a mixture of both.

With its two independent 2 x 1 switches, it is ideal for planned maintenance switches to manually re-route a good signal around broken equipment, or for use as a very sophisticated auto changeover switch with the option of selecting from ten different fault conditions to automatically trigger the switch. These fault conditions are input missing, input video standard incorrect, active video black, active video frozen, video error, network error, audio group 1 missing, audio group 2 missing, audio group 3 missing and audio group 4 missing.

The M-SAFESWITCH-2 is a clean switch and will ensure there is no disruption to the output picture when a switch takes place. As well as a framestore synchronizer on each flow, it can delay the earliest arriving input by up to ten frames – while Source B can also be delayed by an additional 60 frames for when Source A is subjected to a long delay, such as from a graphics system. 

Further protection comes from the user-defined timing source priority for redundancy – should the main syncs become invalid, it will automatically switch to the specified backup syncs.

The M-SAFESWITCH-2 works with IP (ST 2022 and ST 2110), with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time.

The M-SAFESWITCH-2L is a software app that runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor hardware, a card which features a powerful CPU/GPU processor and both SDI and 10GbE IP network interface connections and which is housed in the Vision frame.

Read the M-SAFESWITCH-2 brochure for more information…

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