Luminex Network Intelligence

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Luminex Network Intelligence manufactures data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio, and video applications, mainly for the entertainment industry. Luminex offers a complete range of network switches, converters/nodes, and DMX splitters, providing AV designers and technicians with cutting-edge technology to build a complete data distribution system for big events or large venues.


Product Specs

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GigaCore Ethernet Switches

Setup a (converged) pro AV network in no time. You don’t need any IT background because all our switches are fully pre-configured for all kinds of pro AV solutions.


Luminex’s new range, called LumiNode, has an innovative new interface, which is at least ten years ahead of the market. It effectively handles all current protocols, anticipates future protocols, and can adapt easily to any network infrastructure. With LumiNode you have up to 16 processing engines and up to 12 DMX Ports. Now is your chance to prepare for the future. On one hand, the LumiNode converts Ethernet to DMX and on the other hand, thanks to its processing engines, it is ready for that one special day when copper DMX cables are no longer employed in the entertainment lighting industry.

With 64 built-in engines, LumiCore allows you to merge and route up to 64 x 4 input sources toward 64 newly defined universes. This way, LumiCore becomes the ideal solution to isolate your control setup on a festival, a theater, or in a TV studio.

LumiSplit DMX/RDM Splitters

Experience ultimate Remote Device Management. Luminex splitters are completely configurable through RDM but also offer RDM filtering to prevent issues with non-RDM lighting fixtures. Lumi-what? LumiSplit is a range of DMX/RDM splitters designed by Luminex. A splitter is a device that takes a DMX line in and repeats it on multiple DMX outputs. This comes in very useful when you have more than 32 lighting fixtures to be controlled on one line. You also need a splitter when you have fixtures in different locations and they cannot be incorporated in a ‘daisy chain’.

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Eric Druker

Film and Broadcast Specialist