Two-way HD video and audio, from anywhere IP networks are available.

Comrex LiveShot delivers live, two-way, HD video and audio over a range of IP networks at latencies as low as less than 200mS. Utilizing sophisticated CrossLock VPN technology, LiveShot is able to make use of even the most challenging 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks to maintain a secure and stable connection. Perfect for both point-to-point applications and field broadcasts, LiveShot is ideal for streaming low-latency broadcast quality audio and video from anywhere internet is available.


LiveShot encodes and decodes video to the H.264 codec standard, which is the state-of-the-art codec for high quality video using low network bandwidth. But not all H.264 encoders are alike. Within the standard, several lesser-quality profiles are available to conserve processing power. For optimal video quality, LiveShot encodes with H.264 HIGH profile. While this option is unavailable in competing products, all H.264 options that maximize quality over poor networks and decrease latency are implemented in LiveShot.


Comrex has years of experience encoding live, low-latency audio over IP networks for broadcast, and LiveShot shows it. In addition to standard AAC audio coding, LiveShot uses HE-AAC and AAC-ELD audio coding, both reducing network bandwidth and lowering delay.


LiveShot can encode and decode an audio/video stream with less than 200mS delay (depending on encoding mode and network factors). LiveShot uses an automatic decoder buffer manager to keep delay to an absolute minimum.


LiveShot delivers full-duplex video and stereo audio. In addition, a full-duplex cue channel is available between the systems.

CrossLock VPN

LiveShot utilizes CrossLock VPN to create a stable and secure connection across the public Internet. CrossLock adds intrusion protection, encryption, and forward error correction. Using CrossLock, LiveShot units are able to connect at the touch of a button.

Product Specs

A/V Connections

  • Video Input: HD-SDI (BNC), Composite (BNC)
  • Video Output: HD-SDI (BNC), Composite (BNC), HDMI
  • Audio Input: Stereo Analog (XLR-3F), Stereo AES (XLR-3F), HD-SDI embedded stereo (BNC)
  • Audio Output: Stereo Analog (XLR-3M), Stereo AES (XLR-3M), HD-SDI embedded stereo (BNC)
  • Audio cue channel: XLR-3F in, XLR-3M out
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