Our Powerful GUI control software has elevated and transformed information display, monitoring and management in the broadcast sector.

Developed for the broadcast industry, IDS integrates with all essential broadcast systems, offering future proof adaptability and scalability. Despite the complexity, sophistication and intelligence of the IDS offering, the software and user interface are intuitive and easy to use.

Product Specs

Integrate with any platform

Compatible with all broadcast systems, the integration of IDS Core software is seamless and fast. Designed to work with all major essential broadcast technology eliminating compatibility issues and creating the exact configuration needed.

Critical Time Synchronisation

For the ultimate confidence, IDS delivers 100% accuracy across your network. Referencing your preferred Primary NTP or SPG source, we deliver synchronicity across Audio and Visual inputs down to the nanosecond, with zero latency.

Automate Workflows

Our IDS Core configuration software provides easy access to workflow changes. A network based system, it allows users to create and automate both critical and no essential operations, from dimming studio lights to dynamic noise monitoring.

Easily Manage Content

Using a standard TCP/IP backbone, IDS can be scaled to suit and operate any project. Wherever you are, and on whichever device you prefer, controlling, monitoring and managing content takes only the touch of a finger.

Display Anywhere

Control, monitoring and management through networked displays, touchscreen control devices, web based app, DMX lighting and noise SPL monitoring.

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