Gallium Workflow Orchestration

Rohde & Schwarz

Gallium Workflow Orchestration from Pixel Power is a virtualizable technology platform for managing content workflows.

Gallium automates multi-platform live and file-based content delivery.

Gallium Workflow Orchestration is a modular technology platform that allows broadcasters to execute workflow tasks with media content in either traditional playout automation chains or through innovative techniques designed to enhance single or multiple channels in linear, OTT or OnDemand.

Product Specs

Automate linear channel playout or automate addition/removal of graphics, branding or logos.

Package content or regionalise/localise content according to business demands.

Create VOD & Catch-up content for multi-platform services.

Flexible, bespoke and modular, the combination of StreamMaster and Gallium offer a powerful suite of software tools to create the precise feature set needed for every individual broadcaster.

Use Opex pricing models to acquire just the exact features you need and only pay for it when you use it. Why pay for 100% of a hardware product when you only use 60% of the features 40% of the time 

Software only playout means you get the advantage of COTS hardware and flexibility of future proof software updates with new features and standards as they evolve.

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