Falcon Composable GPU Solution

H3 Platform
H3 Platform

H3 Platform is proud to introduce the Falcon Composable GPU solutions.The Falcon Composable GPU solution integrates PCIe 4.0 expansion chassis and our well-established composable software stacks to enable software-defined GPUs. The solution is easy to install and comes with a web-based graphical user interface, users could easily manage the GPU devices and could dynamically allocate graphics cards to different host machines to meet various computing performance requirements for different tasks.


Falcon 40 Series:

    Standard composable GPU chassis.

    For GPU with TDP 300W.


    Falcon 4005 (4-GPU)

    Falcon 4010 (8-GPU)


Falcon 42 Series:

    High-performance composable GPU chassis.

    For GPU with TDP >300W.


    Falcon 4205 (4-GPU)

    Falcon 4010 (8-GPU)

Product Specs


    Switch: Broadcom PEX88064 PCIe 4.0 fabric switch

    PCIe Slots: PCIe4.0 x16, FHFL double-width

    External Cables: Mini-SAS HD, copper, 2m 

    Host adapter: PCIe 4.0×16, low-profile


    Dynamic provisioning of devices

    Real-time topology and device performance statistics

    Graphical system monitor 

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