Extio 3 IP KVM


Matrox® Extio N3408 are the world’s first IP KVM extenders to deliver 4Kp60 4:4:4 UHD performance or quad-monitor capabilities over standard Gigabit Ethernet at unprecedented low bitrates. Extio N3408 can be configured as a point-to-point or networked KVM extender, delivering multiple video, keyboard, mouse, USB 2.0, and audio signals using a single fiber optic or copper cable. Ready compatibility with standard network switches significantly diminishes the total cost of ownership to deliver a scalable KVM matrix switching solution. Aggregated and seamless control of multiple systems from a remote display station with a single keyboard and mouse set leads to efficient operations and increased user productivity.

Product Specs

• Embedded digital audio through DisplayPort, with option to de-embed digital audio on the receiver unit.

• Lockable power connector, external 12V power supply unit

• Standalone or rack-mountable unit (1U ½ R)

• Status LED indicators

• On/off and recessed reset button

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