Eutelsat 65 West A


EUTELSAT 65 West A is a tri-band satellite designed to target fast- growing video and broadband markets across Latin America.

Its high-power Ku-band payload enables DTH reception of digital and HD channels across Brazil with 80cm antennas and facilitates corporate connectivity in Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean region.

The satellite also features a transatlantic C-band coverage for cross-continental video
contribution and distribution and a multi-spotbeam Ka-band payload for broadband access across Brazil and Latin America.

A far-reaching antenna seeding programme enables broadcasters to enhance their reach, and cable operators to enrich their offer via the 65° West video neighbourhood.

With 100% penetration of Brazilian cable operators, EUTELSAT 65 West A, Eutelsat’s key satellite for Brazil can reach 18 million homes.

Built by Space Systems Loral (SSL) in California the EUTELSAT 65 West A is based on the SSL 1300 satellite platform.

Product Specs