Emerald® Remote App

Black Box

The Emerald Remote App is a unique KVM software receiver that enables remote computer access to both physical and virtual machines from any Windows 10 device. Use the app in conjunction with Emerald transmitters and a Boxilla KVM manager to increases mobility, device access, and monitoring on your KVM System. The software KVM receiver delivers a full HD video desktop experience up to 40 fps from multiple connections that can be launched simultaneously. This facilitates device management and access to your Emerald KVM network from anywhere you want.

Product Specs

  • Supports HD video up to 1920 x 1200 and provides access to both physical and virtual machines over an IP network or WAN connections
  • Open connections to multiple devices simultaneously
  • License-based access authenticated by the Boxilla® KVM Network Manager in real time, ensuring the Emerald administrator has full control
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Ed Krach

Business Development Director - KVM & Visualization - Americas