Elections CG


Elections CG is a dedicated solution to control real-time graphics and interactive technologies on election nights.

Elections CG obtains updated electoral data from official authorities, managing it in real time and allowing interesting data comparisons to provide a better understanding for the audience.

Our software integrates with all the major graphic engines (Vizrt, Avid, Ross Video, among others) and is in a unique position to combine various technologies, delivering innovative results.

Product Specs

Elections CG key Features:

  • Real-time broadcast graphics in different formats (e.g. tickers, maps, charts)
  • Integration with the major graphics platforms (Vizrt, Avid and Ross Video, among others)
  • Data import from multiple sources simultaneously, for redundancy, such as FTP accounts, web services and official websites
  • Front-end for manual data insertion
  • Integration with mobile devices and touch screens
  • Integration with augmented reality solutions
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