Crown Castle

Getting critical data where it’s needed in our increasingly wireless world has become a big challenge for many providers. Edge data centers bring colocation, data processing, and networking solutions right to the edge of the network. This decreases latency by ensuring there is no data drop off between the data source and its destination.

The move to 5G and other advancements in technology will require a fresh approach to the current infrastructure model. Edge data centers decentralize the computing power needed to facilitate technologies like virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, and the internet of things. That’s why Crown Castle has invested in VaporIO, a leading edge data center provider, and we’re fully committed to providing the land, fiber, and other infrastructure needed to move the technology forward.

Crown Castle at a glance: 

  • Towers 40K+
  • Route miles of fiber ~80K
  • 75% of data will be processed at the edge by 2022

Product Specs

Sergio Amatangelo

Director of Sales, Strategic Accounts