castLabs Inc.

Let’s face it, digital rights management (DRM) can get downright complicated. With numerous technologies in use, protecting your valuable video assets across over the top (OTT) platforms isn’t always straightforward. DRMtoday licensing solution lets OTT businesses quickly launch monetized services without worrying about how to meet those content owner security requirements.

castLabs’ DRM solution offers a complete set of features, a service built on highly reliable infrastructure and a user-friendly interface, and support from our professional services team.

On top of the automatic AWS scaling mechanisms, DRMtoday has in-built logic to allow millions of licenses delivered every day and peak times to be served without delays, e.g. if there’s a sudden surge in viewers for the World Cup Soccer Finals.

Product Specs

Main DRMtoday Feature Set:

– Concurrent Stream Limiting (CSL)

– Geoblocking

– Device Capability Awareness

– Watermarking

– Multi-DRM for all screens

– Conditional Access

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