Digital Point to Point Radio Diplexer/ Multiplexer (Universal Microwave Technology, Inc.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

Digital point-to-point microwave systems are commonly used in situations where fiber optics or satellite communication is impractical. It provides good and flexible capacity transmission between locations. Passive component plays a big role in the microwave system as it affects the transmission efficiency. UMT offers a complete family of well-performed microwave passive components that works seamlessly including diplexers, couplers, OMTs, housings and so on. 

Product Specs

Frequency Range 

  • Up to 170GHz 

Capability and Feature

  • Speedy and solid developing - Design to Manufacturing (DFM)
  • High performance with minimum loss
  • Stable and controllable silver plating
  • Advanced diecasting technology - Semi-auto tuning program for fast delivery
  • Patented technology
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