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DataMiner is today already integrated with over 7000 drivers for products from more than 1000 different vendors, and offers a plethora of functionality including unlimited web access, alarming, e-mail and SMS notification, long-term trending, professional reporting, advanced automation, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, service management, real-time SLA monitoring, user-definable key performance indicator dashboards, spectrum monitoring, mobile access, powerful CPE management, inventory and asset management, and much more.

Product Specs

DataMiner® converts flexible new technologies into one consolidated operational platform and gives you the agility to continuously evolve in a fast changing world with many unknowns.

Fault management

  •  end-to-end view
  •  user-definable
  •  intuitive UI

Correlation engine

  •  detects critical events
  •  based on real-time data
  •  root cause analysis

Configuration management

  •  gets resources ready
  •  (re)stores configurations
  •  all operational assets

Performance management

  •  performance analysis
  •  detailed historical KPIs
  •  improves business stability

Service monitoring

  •  360° view on service status
  •  instant trending & alarming
  •  on all levels

Automation engine

  •  set up automatic actions
  •  deliver complex services
  •  level up service quality

Resource manager

  •  off-the-shelf feature
  •  manages all resources
  •  essential SRM component

Profile manager

  •  clear service instantiation
  •  user-definable profiles
  •  can be linked to VFs

Connectivity manager

  •  physical and logical
  •  east-west service flows
  •  virtualized infrastructures

Scheduling engine

  •  execute time-based actions
  •  schedule automation scripts
  •  plan resources & bookings

Visual overview

  •  intuitive graphical UI
  •  object linking in MS Visio
  •  run-time editing

Router control panels

  •  manages all signal routing
  •  easy-to-use front end
  •  user-definable layout

DataMiner Dashboards

  •  create custom dashboards
  •  immersive experience
  •  shows real-time data

Geographical maps

  •  map-managed data sources
  •  real-time status information
  •  see connections & services

Security & access control

  •  advanced access control
  •  single sign-on
  •  AD, LADP, Radius & Crowd

Mobile gateway

  •  instant notifications
  •  relevant info at hand
  •  any mobile platform

System center

  •  manange user & access
  •  read & flush log files
  •  triggers software update

Business intelligence

  •  manage SLA & OLA
  •  business impact info
  •  input & output services
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