Dalet Galaxy five – Enterprise Media Operations


The latest version of the award-winning Media Asset Management, Workflow Orchestration and Editorial platform, Dalet Galaxy five, brings important functional enhancements and major innovations that augment media operations and enable new forward-thinking business models. The first enables broadcasters and media organizations to leverage Artificial Intelligence across the workflow, the second enables hybrid infrastructures with on-premises and Cloud deployments, the third puts social media at the core of the operations. 

Seamlessly connected to the Dalet Galaxy five platform, Dalet also offers key products such as Dalet Cube NG, a suite of tools for high-quality graphics that makes design and play out of CGs, crawlers, tickers, lower thirds, logos, full frame graphics and complex 3D animations a breeze. Dalet AmberFin is the orchestrated, scalable media processing platform you need with fully integrated ingest, transcoding, mastering, QC and review functionalities, enabling facilities to make great pictures in a scalable, reliable and interoperable way. Dalet Brio, the innovative I/O platform, addresses the demanding needs of studio production, multi-camera ingest, sports logging and highlights production, combining density and cost-effectiveness with high reliability. Dalet OnePlay is the next-gen, automated studio production with orchestrated multiplatform distribution to transform live production. 

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