Dalet Brio – Ingest & playout broadcast-quality video



Latest Dalet Brio release supports both SDI and IP workflows on-premises and in the cloud, enabling media companies to move into full IP production at their own pace- 

Dalet Brio provides robust support for content production distributed across multiple platforms as well as a variety of internet streams including SRT, RTMP, and NDI, giving media companies near unlimited freedom for creating and distributing content.

Standards Driven

Dalet Brio supports SMPTE ST 2110 UHD workflows and SDI standards, allowing media facilities to invest in an IP infrastructure at their own pace without disrupting current operations. Dalet Brio is “IP-Ready certified” and is now part of the official JT-NM Tested program to validate support for ST 2110 and NMOS, further demonstrating Dalet’s commitment to widely supported, open standards for IP workflows. In addition, Dalet has recently joined the SRT Alliance, which optimizes video streaming performance even across unpredictable networks.

On the Horizon

Upcoming planned 2020 enhancements to the Dalet Brio platform include support for AWS cloud workflows, ingesting SRT and RTMP streams from bonded unmanaged IP networks as well as simultaneously producing MPEG-Dash on S3 and production MXF. These planned additions will allow remote production teams to have an end-to-end, cloud-based IP workflow for video contribution directly to the Dalet Brio server, making content available immediately within the newsroom for reviewing, editing or playout.

The latest version of the Dalet Brio I/O platform is available now. 

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