Cleaning Process for No-Clean Flux-IPC-610 Class III (Orient Semiconductor Electronics,Ltd.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

In the professional electronic foundry manufacturing service industry EMS, Orient Semiconductor Electronics. Ltd. (OSE) has become a global EMS manufacturer of electronic foundry manufacturing services, with unique technical experience and global reputation for high-mix manufacturing.

Cleaning Process for No-Clean Flux – Increasing PCBA Stability Under High Temperature and Humidity Conditions by Removing Solder Balls and Flux Residues.

  • IPC-610 Class III, (Military, Space)
  • Cleanliness, Flux Residues

To prevent from flux volatilization, and uncontrollable movement of solder ball causing any short circuit to influence on PCBA performance in the space.

Product Specs

Flux residues from no-clean processes are acceptable with end product cleanliness requirements.

OSE’s Capability :

  • No flux residue is visible during
  • inspection using 10x magnification.
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