dira Dimension specification – Remote audio editing in radio production during the pandemic


With an industry-wide need to swiftly establish remote workflows due to the social distancing regulations and lockdown procedures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that news operations in radio pivot to remote operations in a professional, secure and reliable manner. 

The solution uses the dira Dimension platform from CGI on top of an existing dira NG deployment. It details the equipment required, the way that the functionality of the system can be maintained in the new distributed environment, the workflow changes that need to be actioned and/or accommodated where appropriate, and covers the different ways that such a system can be deployed, either cloud or on-premises.

Lastly, it recommends a staged rollout schedule for deployment.

You should also check out our video where we take a sneak peek at dira! Medox, the web client of the dira! Dimension radio playout system. 

Product Specs