Vortex Communications Ltd

CallMe-T is our low-cost hardware IP Audio Codec with balanced 2-channel audio in and out. OPUS, G.722 and G.711 coding which we have implemented all the data rates and options, that it is compatible in the connectivity that it does have with other IP Audio Codecs. 

It comes in 2 version, CallMe-TS without buttons and CallMe-TR with quick dial buttons for pre-saved destinations and everything is controlled and set up using its web interface

Along the balanced stereo in- outputs there is a USB Audio interface to be able to connect with USB headsets or mixers for Home Studios, Web and PODcasts and this can also be used with a keypad to replace the quick dial buttons on the front.

As an addition SmartStream lets you connect to more than one destination at-a-time and select which audio channel (left or right or both) goes to wich destination. You can 8 simultanius connections at the same time so to unit can be used as a small IFB, intercom system.

For demo get in touch with one of our colleagues.

Product Specs