Calrec Audio

Calrec’s Brio console provides up to 96 input channels and is packed with pure broadcast features as standard; broad IP functionality, MADI connectivity, comprehensive monitoring, automixers, loudness metering, full 5.1 capability, extensive IFB resources and built-in I/O. 

Still small in size, now even bigger in stature.

Product Specs

Up to 36 x dual layer faders with PFL overpress

User assignable rotary control per strip

User assignable buttons per strip

Intuitive multi-touchscreen UI with hardware rotary controllers for fine adjustment

Up to 96 legs assignable as mono, stereo or 5.1 Input Channels

36 legs assignable as mono, stereo, or 5.1 Mains or Groups

24 legs assignable as mono or stereo Auxes

Up to 96 legs assignable as Insert sends and returns and up to 96 legs assignable as Direct, or Mix-Minus Outputs

Automatic Mix-Minus

Off-Air Conference for Mix-Minus

Delay available on every path, with an additional 64 legs assignable as output delay

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