Blue2 Link

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ViaLite Communications

ViaLite‘s RF over fiber Blue2 Link is a dual-solution OEM which can be setup as 2x transmitters, 2x receivers or a transceiver, as required. The link is available in all ViaLite frequency bands from 2 kHz-4.2 GHz, including ViaLite‘s extended L-Band HTS.

  • Dual Tx, Rx or Transceiver
  • External PSU
  • 50 or 75 ohm
  • Available with 15-Way or 9-Way D Type connector
  • FC/APC or SC/APC options
  • Optional WDM for single fiber connection
  • I²C programmable using the developer kit
  • All ViaLiteHD RF bands available
  • 5-year warranty

The Blue2’s compact design means it can be used in existing customer equipment or easily fitted in smaller spaces. It is well used in broadcast applications.

Product Specs