Developed specifically for the browser and fully supporting remote production, Blackbird delivers unbeatable speed, scalability and richness of editing features and video output.

Blackbird is unique. The platform allows you to manage your video like no other solution – enabling lightning-fast video viewing, editing and publishing – anywhere, any time, by anyone.

Instant precision access to your video

  • Access live streams within seconds
  • Scheduled capture to enable operation anywhere
  • Supercharged live workflows accepting growing files, RTMP, HLS and SDI inputs
  • Frame accurate, multi-track, multi-channel operation

Edit Frame-Accurately Anywhere – In a Browser

  • Log in from any browser, anywhere – with bandwidth of just 2Mb/s
  • Fully-featured professional video editor for all skill levels
  • Create simple clips, sequenced edits, compilations, highlights and longer form content
  • Immediate, frame-accurate video navigation
  • Support for up to 12 video tracks and 36 audio tracks
  • Alpha channel overlays, pan and zoom and multi-cam
  • Audio tools to support full multichannel operations for workflows
  • Realtime video and audio transitions
  • Direct voice over
  • Subtitles and Closed Captions to comply with international standards
  • Colour correction capabilities
  • Blur effects
  • Powerful logging and review capabilities

Publish In Seconds – To Everywhere

  • Rapidly publish direct to social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch
  • Advanced integration to Twitter Amplify
  • Support for square, portrait and non-standard aspect ratios
  • Automated overlays, pre-rolls and post-rolls
  • Distribute and syndicate broadcast quality on-demand video content to OTT, web and digital platforms

Monetize Your Content

  • Create great content fast and efficiently
  • Deliver your content to subscriber platforms
  • Publish fast to social media platforms to drive engagement and traffic to premium monetization platforms
  • Insert branding, advertising and sponsored content for multi-platform monetization
  • Tag brands, sponsors and advertising partners in your video content
  • Promote OTT subscriptions & other services using real-time highlights
  • Add bumpers and lower-third graphics for promo messaging
  • Add pre/post roll adverts to videos

Rich User and Media Management Portal

  • Clipping, logging, editing and editorial production roles
  • Roles define toolset and publishing rights
  • Simplicity of operation allows users to focus on content creation and publishing
  • Powerful statistics for usage, editing and publishing

Easy Integration With Your Infrastructure

  • Blackbird references your media from its current location – on-premise or in the cloud
  • Dramatically reduces the need for uploading and downloading large files
  • High volume file access through cloud and/or Network Attached Storage
  • Works inside your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud instances
  • Publishes in full quality from your source media