Bee-On is a cloud-based engagement platform that powers the curation of audience generated content and integrates into broadcast or streamed production workflows. 

Content Sources: 

Source, access and discover content from social media, messaging platforms, 3rd-party data feeds, and trending topics via a web browser. 


Push trusted content – including comments, images, territories, language, keywords, hashtags, reactions, and users – live to air, using tools to simply aggregate, filter, refine, edit, shortlist and approve sourced assets.


Produce captivating visuals and combine sourced content with customized dynamic graphic templates or integrate into traditional graphics solutions, in real-time. 

Voting & Polling:

Gather your audience’s opinion and influence content or campaigns by creating, editing, and tracking responses from social media sources, published into one unified result. 


Supercharge campaigns and run high-volume, scalable social media competitions, contests and giveaways. 


Encourage audience participation beyond the primary screen and allow viewers to influence narrative and campaign outcomes with interactive content.

Personal Response & Messaging

Create more touchpoints with your audience and deliver automated personalized messages to participants – including images and videos – at scale.

Interactive Advertising:

Boost revenues and support your brand or product campaigns with targeted messaging, featuring audience generated content in near real-time adverts.

Product Specs