Dizplai is a cloud data display platform and professional services company, supporting content creators by providing the tools to drive engagement, increase reach and enhance monetization opportunities across any vertical. 


Working with broadcasters, producers, brands, and event organizers to deliver an interactive experience from anywhere in the world. Simply managed from a web browser, Dizplai has access to live data feeds – including sports stats, weather, and betting – and enables producers to capture, interact with and build content from social, messaging services and interactive apps.  

We create ideas, strategy, world-class graphics, including interactive elements, to increase reach and tune-in, connect the audience, and create personalized environments for branding, sponsorship and data capture.  

Product Specs

Content Sourcing – Access a world of content

Access all the major social media platforms, popular messaging apps, data feeds, and trending topics.

Engagement Tools – Activate your audience

Utilize tools to create apps, polls, competitions, feature posts, or generate QR codes for call-to-actions. Give viewers a purpose to interact with your broadcast and feature live reactions.

Display & Graphics – Bring your production to life

Operate Dizplai’s native cloud graphics engine or integrate third-party solutions into your workflow to redisplay sourced content across any creative output.

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