Attitude Control Calibration & Experiment Platform (Tensor Tech CO.,LTD.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

Three space environmental conditions are simulated using this platform, “Sunlight,” “Earth magnetic field,” and “nearly-frictionless 3 degrees of freedom rotation.” The sunlight spectrum above the earth’s atmosphere is different from the sunlight on the ground. Therefore, we equip an AM0 Solar Simulator here with adjustable jigs. In addition, a 3-axis Helmholtz Cage is provided for canceling the local earth magnetic field and simulate the magnetic field on the targeted orbit. This equipment is helpful for magnetometer calibration or testing the performance of the magnetorquers. Finally, spherical air bearing provides a nearly frictionless environment for testing the attitude actuators; Processor and gyroscope onboard measure the real-time attitude of the platform for validating the performance of the ADCS. 

Product Specs

  • Max. magnetic flux density: 1 Gauss
  • Working area: 350*350*350 mm
  • Manual adjusted x/y axis platform and Jigs for carrying the tested object
  • +/- 45 deg travel; Max. loading: 20 kg
  • Spectral match: AM0, qualified to Class A, ASTM
  • Spatial non-uniformity of total irradiance: < 2%
  • Time instability: <1%
  • Light spot dimension: 40*40mm 
  • Collimation: < 4 deg
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Jordan Hsieh

Business Development Executive