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Scalability and all IP in its core

The Aperi platforms is an innovative product portfolio of live IP Media Function Virtualization (MFV) solutions. The open and standards-based solutions bring data center robustness, agility and economics to the most mission-critical live sports, entertainment, and news program productions in the world.

Product Specs

Truly native live IP 

  • Through IP-based media function virtualization (MFV), FPGA technology and off-the-shelf hardware, Aperi provides truly native live IP video infrastructure.


  • Spin new channels and workflows up or down as needed to capture viewers in a matter of minutes, not months. New function and format innovations are delivered at the speed of software, thanks to the generic and open server-switch platform.

Format-agnostic design 

  • Future ready, thanks to IP’s format-agnostic design, you can reach consumers wherever they are—on mobile devices and tablets—with a platform that accommodates 4K, remote production and more.

Unique feature set 

  • Leverage the cloud infrastructure if you wish to scale in an elastic way, and monitor services end to end as well as end point monitoring.
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