AM Diplexer/Triplexer/Multiplexer

Kintronic Laboratories, Inc.

Multiplexed systems need to be carefully modeled as a whole to achieve the best performance of all stations involved.  Each design undergoes a full nodal analysis of all networks involved to ensure proper performance and to minimize installation time.  We strive to select the best filter, prematching, and matching network configurations to achieve the desired isolation, pattern and impedance bandwidth.  We work with site and budget constraints to incorporate the station’s existing equipment when feasible. 

Product Specs

·         NetworksFactoryPre-Tuned

·         CompleteRFSchematic, Electrical PartsListandInstallationInstructions

·         WidebandDesignfor HD Radio or Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) digital performance

·         Matching and filter networks fabricated in weatherproof aluminum cabinets with isolated compartments for each network

·         ComponentVoltage and  Current Ratings


·        Silver-platedInductors (up to 60 A)andInterconnection Tubingand Strap

·        ToroidallySampledRF CurrentMeteringSystems or ThermocoupleMetersonMeterPlugs

Light with insulated guard and dual AC receptacle in each system cabinet