AiP: mmWave AiP Solution (TMY Technology Inc.)

Private: Taiwan S...
Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

To make an AiP product successful, amount of details need to be concerned. TMYTEK’s AiP capability includes from design to production.

In the design stage, there are many key factors that should be considered, and TMYTEK is specialized in mmWave technology based on this experience, we’re capable of designing an AiP according to customer’s requests.

We’re based in Taiwan and we’re supported by a strong PCB supply chain.

Product Specs

  • mmW AiP band: n261, n260, n257, n258/ Ka/K/Ku/ 60 GHz
  • Modem: ORAN Low PHY/ DVB-S2X/ 802.11ad
  • Market: 5G mmW O-RU/ LEO/ WiGig FWA
  • Customized is accepted
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