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Perform powerful functions with the AIB-4, for example cut shows remotely from your home facility or transport GPIs and On-Air Tallies into the field, wherever you need them – across cities, states, even continents.


  • Offers up to 16 GPI/Os and multiple device control paths, including Ethernet, two-way DTMF, and dial-up modem.
  • Use conditional logic within its local events
  • Add virtual buttons via the web browser to trigger any actions.
  • Monitor SNMP Traps.
  • Standard web browser to configuration tool.
  • Create multiple configurations for special events, weekend staffing, and temporary needs.
  • Copy saved configurations from / to other AIBs.
  • For remote control, interfacing old & new, or simplifying device monitoring
  • Suitable for simple to complex projects

Product Specs

  • 16 GPIs with Opto-Isolated Inputs
  • 16 GPI Outputs with Isolated Relay Contact Closures
  • 100 Mbs Full Duplex IP Connectivity
  • DTMF Transmit and Receive: Single and Multi-digit Sequences
  • Telecom approved Dial-up Data Modem
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Web-browser Setup, Configuration and Diagnostics
  • 16 web keys
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