ADCS100-Integrated ADCS with Reaction Sphere (Tensor Tech CO.,LTD)

Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

CubeSat players used to build their satellites via contracting all design and integration jobs to a professional company or build the whole satellite by themselves with purchased components. However, the former method usually costs too much on budget; the latter cannot ensure the system’s reliability and costs too many development times.

As a result, Tensor Tech proposes this integrated ADCS solution (Attitude Determination & Control System) with affordable prices and user-friendly interfaces. By adopting this offer, customers don’t have to program the complicated attitude determination and control algorithms themselves but enjoy the quick integration process and instant customer support. 

Moreover, a variable-speed, single-gimbal control moment gyro (CMG) driven by spherical motor technology serves as the attitude actuator for this ADCS100. It is comparatively lighter and has less power consumption than traditional solutions. 

Product Specs

  • Components included: RS100- Reaction Sphere*1, 3-axis magnetorquer*1, FSS100- fine sun sensor*6, MEMS Gyroscope*1, 3-axis magnetometer*1
  • Pointing Knowledge: < +/- 0.1 deg @ sun capturable;  < +/- 1 deg @ sun is not capturable
  • Pointing Accuracy: < +/- 0.2 deg @ sun capturable;  < +/- 1 deg @ sun is not capturable
  • Max. Angular Momentum Storage: 10 mNms
  • Maximum Torque: 1 mNm (adjustable)
  • Rotor imbalance: better than G0.4
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V & 5V
  • Power consumption @ 5V bus: <1W
  • Volume: 0.2U + > 64mm dia. tuna-can
  • Mass: < 300 g
  • Controlled by the onboard computer (OBC) using I2C or UART with attitude command
  • Flight heritage since 2021 
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Jordan Hsieh

Business Development Executive