AD100Pro Pocket Flash

GODOX Photo Equipment Co., Ltd

Godox Pocket Flash AD100Pro is a new addition to Godox AD family,  like other members in Godox ecosystem, AD100Pro can work together with Godox radio system and rich accessories, offering you one-stop reliable solutions.

The new strobe takes portability to the next level, providing excellent performance in super compact coke-can like design. Offering a power 100Ws output with distinct magnetic round flash head, Godox AD100Pro delivers very even and natural circular flash spreadlight spread, compatible with magnetic AK-R1 accessories kit to effortlessly smooth your workflow. Get ready to take your image to next level!

A new addition to Godox AD family, Pocket Flash AD100Pro,inherits the advantages of Godox AD series and full compatibility with Godox radio system. It is extremely compact and lightweight, relieving the burden of photographers when shooting on locations. The new 100Ws strobe fills the gap of photographers’ demand in an off-camera strobe at the power level. You’ll also benefit from this flash with its wide range of light shapers, aspiring more possibilities at your creative photography journey.

Incredibly Small

AD100Pro adopts unique design, making it the most compact and portable outdoor strobe in AD series to date. At just 524 grams with the battery included, it is so light and compact that you can take it anywhere.

Expand Versitility

Godox AD100Pro boasts a round and magnetic flash head that delivers a natural circular flash spread, compatible with Godox magnetic modifier AK-R1 accessories kit for achieving more light effects. Its built-in modelling light aid your pre-visualisation, brightness adjustable from 01 to 10 step. The Godox AD100Pro can also work with S2 bracket to mount various Bowens-mount modifiers.

Comfortable Interface

AD100Pro features a clear and high resolution VA display with ease-to-use function panel.

Wireless Freedom

With built-in Godox 2.4G wireless system, Godox AD100Pro is compatible with major camera brands and with built-in receiver that can be triggered by Godox triggers such as X2T, XPro, and X1T .

Advanced Battery

With a rechargeable lithium battery, quick and easy to switch in, giving up to 360 full-power flashes on a charge, elevating your shooting experience. The battery of Godox V1 can also fit AD100Pro.

Product Specs




Wireless Receiver Unit Mode

Radio transmission mode (compatible with Nikon & Canon & Sony& Fujifilm & Olympus & Panasonic & Pentax )

Flash Mode

Wireless off                                                     M/Multi

Receiver unit of radio transmission            TTL/ M/Multi

Compatible Cameras

under Radio


(as Receiver unit)

Nikon cameras (X1T-N, X2T-N, XProN as trigger)

Canon EOS cameras (X1T-C, X2T-C, XProC as trigger)

Sony cameras (X1T-S, X2T-S, XProS as trigger )

Fujifilm cameras(X1T-F, X2T-F, XProF as trigger)

Olympus cameras(X1T-O, X2T-O, XProO as trigger)

Pentax cameras(X2T-P, XProP as trigger)

Power Output

9 steps: 1/256~1/1

Stroboscopic Flash

Provided (up to 90 times, 99Hz)

Flash Exposure

Compensation (FEC)

Adjust the parameters in the 2.4G remote control

Sync mode

High-speed sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), first-curtain sync, and second-curtain sync

Delay Flash

0.01~30 seconds


Modeling Lamp (LED)

1.8W: Light brightness: 1 to 10 levels

Optic Receiver Flash


Wireless Flash (2.4G transmission)

Wireless flash function

Receiver, Off

Controllable Receiver groups

5 (A, B, C, D, and E)

Transmission range(approx.)



32 (1~32)



Power Supply

Power Supply

Lithium battery pack (7.2V/2600mAh)

Full Power Flashes

Approx. 360

Recycle Time

Approx. 0.01-1.5s

Battery Indicator

Power Indication

Power off automatically after approx. 30 minutes of idle operation.

Sync Triggering Mode

3.5mm sync line, Wireless control port

Color Temperature



120*76*76 mm

Net Weight

524g (battery included)

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