A__line WAN-Capable Audio-over-IP Nodes


Lawo A__line nodes are designed to serve as IP audio stageboxes for mc² consoles, audio extensions for the V__matrix ecosystem, or as stand-alone IP audio gateways.

A__line devices provide distributed audio connectivity that makes it easy to scale audio I/O capacity in a networked system — temporarily or permanently. SMPTE ST2110-compliant, A__line offers a granular audio format selection similar to the flexibility found in baseband modular I/O systems, but eliminates system design limitations like maximum channel count per frame, fixed channel capacity per device interconnect, or fixed overall system size. Audio endpoints connected to A__line nodes can be seamlessly shared on LAN or WAN, and thanks to their fully standardized streaming technology, can interconnect to a wide variety of IP-enabled broadcast devices — A__line nodes are brand-agnostic.

A__line devices boast exceptional audio quality. Discrete, Class-A microphone preamplifiers deliver a superb dynamic range of 119dB(A), ultra low noise at all gain levels and a perfectly flat frequency response. Versatile analog I/O accommodates levels as high as +24dBu before clipping. Insertable, precise sample rate conversion is available on each AES3 input. For multichannel baseband interfacing, A__line features bi-directional MADI access via SFP. All devices employ the ST2110-30/31 and AES67 standards to transport uncompressed audio in real-time on Layer-3 IP networks, with ST2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching with dual-redundant network interfaces and ample receive buffer capacity to meet ST2022-7 class C specs for LAN and WAN deployment. Two redundant power inlets complete the package, along with PPM metering for all Analog and AES3 interfaces and PTP/Wordclock sync and conversion.

The A__line family includes:

A__stage48 – 32x mic/line in, 16x line out, 8x AES3 in, 8x AES3 out, 1x MADI, 8/8 GPI, 3RU
A__stage64 – 32x mic/line in, 16x line out, 8x AES3 in, 8x AES3 out, 1x MADI, 8/8 GPI, 4RU
A__stage80 – 32x mic/line in, 32x line out, 8x AES3 in, 8x AES3 out, 1x MADI, 8/8 GPI, 3RU
A__mic8 – 8x mic/line in, 4x line out, 8/8 GPI, 1RU
A__digital8 –8x AES3 in, 4x AES3 out, 8/8 GPI, 1RU
A__digital64 – 32x AES3 in with SRC, 32x AES3 out, 1x MADI, 8/8 GPI, 3RU
A__madi6 – 6x MADI, 1RU

When controlled with Lawo’s VSM broadcast control system, A__line stageboxes provide an advanced set of networking options; VSM manages A__line’s AoIP connections, I/O settings, its non-blocking internal routing matrix, and GPIO signals for smooth integration into an overarching operational workflow.

Product Specs