9410-EO/OE/2EO/2OE/EOOE Fiber Transport/Distribution Amplifier

Cobalt Digital Inc.

The Cobalt® 9410DA series of 3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber Transport/Distribution Amplifier with Full-Flexibility Crosspoint products provide a card-based solution for high-density conversion from coax to fiber, fiber to coax, or two independent EO or OE channels as well as coaxial distribution. The 9410DA is multi-rate, and supports SDI and ASI/DVB on all inputs and outputs with non-inverting outputs.

SFP-based EO/OE/2EO/2OE/EOOE converters provide state-of-the-art fiber performance, power consumption, and compactness. A crosspoint (which is user-configurable via DashBoard™ GUI remote control) allows the card to apply any of the card inputs to various coax DA outputs as well as a fiber output. Up to 10 flexibly-sourced coaxial DA outputs are available per each card.

Using a high-density low-power design along with a high-density split rear module, up to 20 cards to be installed in a frame, providing 40 channels of EO or OE conversion as well as up to 180 coaxial DA outputs or, with the EOOE model, providing 20 channels of EO and OE conversion as well as up to 200 coaxial DA outputs.

Product Specs