MD8000-100G Media over IP Transport Platform

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The MD8000 media transport system delivers high-performance, professional media signals across IP networks. As the workhorse of the MD Series, the MD8000 packetizes and adapts media signals from their native formats (SDI, compressed, and asynchronous) into IP packet flows that can be routed through high-speed networks. 

The latest edition, the MD8000-100G addresses the surging demand for greater bandwidth at the network edge for remote production and other bandwidth intensive transport applications. The MD8000-100G Edition offers a 10X increase in trunk bandwidth from 10 to 100Gbps in order to accommodate today’s surging demand for more remote and distributed production workflows. Each line card in the MD8000-100G chassis effectively now has a clear, wide open 10Gbps path to the network.

Combining a 100Gbps switch along with a 100Gbps network interface, a 10X increase in bandwidth is achieved when compared to standard MD8000 systems. Dual 100Gbps switch/trunk cards are provided for switch and network transport redundancy.

The MD8000-100G edition seamlessly connects to Media Links 100Gb Core and Aggregation Switches with bi-directional 100Gb or 40Gb Ethernet traffic on Trunk interfaces. It is also compatible with existing 4RU MD8000 chassis and line cards. 

MD8000-100G is available new or as a premium upgrade for all owners of legacy MD8000 4RU devices.

Applications & Use Cases:

  • Tiered high-speed IP transport networking with full protection
  • High speed / high reliability file transfers
  • Low latency remote / at-home production
  • 100GbE switch internet
  • Large scale sporting events that require high Quality of Service (QoS) and guaranteed delivery solutions
  • Media Applications that have both traditional and IP based requirements that require common platforms and interchange solutions
  • Multi-vendor environments with standards based protocols.
  • Broadcast studios transitioning from traditional fixed wireline based technologies need to transition to next generation of switched IP solutions to be workflow compliant
  • Carrier Class Media Networks
  • High Performance Studio Interconnects
  • Flawless Contribution Video Transport
  • Reliable Content Delivery System
  • Integrated Live, Recorded and File-Based Communications
  • Multi-point service distribution

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