5G mmWave Antenna (Universal Microwave Technology, Inc.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

Wireless has been traditionally limited in its capacity due to bandwidth limitations. Technologies at the Millimeter Wave bands have nowadays taken advantage of new wireless regulations that are designed to enable ultra-high capacity transmission. UMT is one of the pioneers in developing cutting-edge technologies for Millimeter Wave up to 100GHz. As a leading provider of Millimeter Wave passive components, UMT offers a complete family of well-performed components that works seamlessly including diplexers, couplers, OMTs, housings and so on.

Product Specs

Frequency Range

  • 28 to 96GHz

Capability and Feature

  • High Gain and low V.S.W.R
  • Low-profile and lightness solution
  • Certificated on FCC and ETSI
  • Superior resistance in poor environment
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