4.5m Prime Focus High Gain Satellite Dish Antenna for C-Band

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Challenger Communications, LLC

Challenger 4.5 Meter Prime Focus Satellite Antenna System. High gain receive-only C/Ku band dish. Outstanding performer for 4K Ultra HD, HDTV, Headend Applications, Broadcast and more.


  • High-Accuracy, Aluminum Draw Die Formed Reflector Panels
  • Powder Coated for Superior Protection
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Installation Without a Crane
  • No Field Alignment Necessary
  • Low Transportation Cost


Challenger Communications 4.5 Meter Prime Focus Antenna is manufactured in the United States and is the symbol of quality in the antenna industry.

Contoured petals with matched radial beams and hub assembly ensure easy installation without field alignment.  NO CRANE NEEDED! Two persons can install this antenna using two ladders.

Reflector consists of 16 draw die formed aluminum petals. Hub and radial beams are constructed of aluminum.  The contoured petals and outboard skirts are powder coated.

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