September 10, 2021

NAB Show LIVE with Nicki Sun

Cristina Clapp
Content Director
NAB Amplify

 Welcome to NAB Show LIVE with Nicki Sun! Tune in to see Nicki host prominent members of the media, broadcast, and entertainment community for engaging conversations, sneak peeks, and exclusives all while connecting with NAB Show attendees. Watch each episode now on-demand, exclusively on NAB Amplify.

How to Network and Find a Mentor at NAB Show, with Amy DeLouise
Nicki Sun interviewed our first IG Live guest, GALSNGEAR Founder Amy DeLouise to gain expert networking tips and learn how NAB Show attendees can connect with mentors and mentees! 

Building and Monetizing Your Work as an Artist, with Frederick Van Johnson
Nicki Sun talks about monetizing work with This Week in Photo (TWiP) Host Frederick Van Johnson! Tune in for expert insights on how you can turn your creative passions into a profitable lifelong career.

Establishing Your Voice as a Filmmaker, with Valentina Vee
Hear how Emmy-nominated director, Valentina Vee, established her voice and presence in the filmmaking industry and gain expert tips on how to get started in this field. 

Building a Travel and Lifestyle Brand Through Digital Storytelling, with Darley Newman
Nicki Sun talks about brand-building with Darley Newman, Host and Executive Producer of Travels with Darley!


From Professional Prominence to Top Industry Influencer, with iJustine
Tech host, content creator, and top industry influencer iJustine shared her tech journey, creative process, upcoming digital trends, and answered live attendee questions. 

Going Independent and Building a Network of One, with Brian Tong

Tech host and content creator Brian Tong discussed his colorful career in tech and how he manages to stay ahead of the game with technology constantly changing.

Training Every Creator Needs to Stay Competitive, with Kelsey Brannan

Nicki Sun interviewed Kelsey Brannan, the creator of Premiere Gal, for an engaging and highly-informative show on all things video editing, gear for top-tier content creation, and training every creator needs in order to stay competitive.

Accessibility and Inclusion in Tech, with Tiffany Yu

Diversability CEO & Founder Tiffany Yu joined us for an insightful conversation and offered actionable steps companies can take to be a better ally to the disabled community by creating a more inclusive and accessible space.

NAB Show LIVE with Nicki Sun: Accessibility & Inclusion in Tech, with Tiffany Yu

The Rise of Twitch and the Streaming Industry, with Mari Takahashi

Award-winning TV & digital host, gaming personality and co-owner of Spacestation Gaming, Mari Takahashi, discussed the rise of Twitch and live streaming in the gaming industry with our host, Nicki Sun.

NAB Show LIVE with Nicki Sun: The Rise of Twitch and the Streaming Industry, with Mari Takahashi