2023 NAB Show 5 Minutes with … Video Interviews

5 Minutes with Ateme

  • Remi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer, Ateme

5 Minutes with Backblaze

  • Nilay Patel, Co-Founder and VP of Sales, Backblaze

5 Minutes with Brainstorm

  • Ruben Ruiz, EVP Sales U.S. & Canada, Brainstorm

5 Minutes with Cobalt Digital

  • Suzana Brady, SVP, Worldwide Marketing and Sales, Cobalt Digital

5 Minutes with Disguise

  • Grigory Mindlin, General Manager for Broadcast, Disguise

5 Minutes with Evergent

  • Lalita Tadikonda, SVP, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Evergent

5 Minutes with Fujifilm

Michael Cioni, senior director of global innovation at Frame.io, and ESPN director Jimmy Platt discuss some of Fujifilm’s spring 2023 product initiatives.

5 Minutes with Globecast

  • Tim Jackson, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Globecast Americas, Globecast Americas

5 Minutes with LTN

  • Rick Young, SVP, Global Products, LTN

5 Minutes with LucidLink

  • Joel Davis, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, LucidLink

5 Minutes with Magnifi by VideoVerse

  • Vinayak Shrivastav, CEO and Co-Founder, Magnifi by VideoVerse

5 Minutes with MediaKind

  • Chris Wilson, Head of Product Marketing, MediaKind

5 Minutes with Panasonic Connect North America

  • Steve Milley, Group Manager – Professional Imaging & Visual Systems Sales, Panasonic Connect North America

5 Minutes with Ross Video

  • Jeff Moore, Executive Vice-President, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, Ross Video

5 Minutes with Ross Video

  • Matt Morgan, Business Development Manager – Corporate Solutions, Ross Video

5 Minutes with Ross Video

  • Meric Adriansen, Vice President LED, Ross Video

5 Minutes with Ross Video

  • Nigel Spratling, Vice President – Production Switchers & Video Servers, Ross Video

5 Minutes with Tedial

  • Julián Fernández-Campón, CTO, Tedial

5 Minutes with Veritone

  • Ryan Steelberg, President, Veritone

5 Minutes with Verizon Business

  • Tim Stevens, Global Leader, Strategic Innovation for Sports, Media & Entertainment, Verizon Business

5 Minutes with Wurl

  • Craig Heiting, Head of Corporate Strategy, Wurl

5 Minutes with Z by HP

  • Barbara Marshall, Global M&E Industry Lead, Z by HP