ProMD EMS – Enhanced Management System

Media Links

ProMD EMS is Media Links’ Enhanced Management Software for the Company’s MD Series Ecosystem solution portfolio.

ProMD-EMS 2.0 software provides a perfectly tailored means to manage and control network resources. Comprehensive views of every aspect of system operation and performance are available, ranging from individual media services to the overall health of the complete end-to-end network.

Scalable in terms of price/performance, ProMD EMS provides network operators and broadcasters the ability to quickly bring new services online for studio, remote and field locations, all while monitoring and maintaining the reliability of active circuits, trunks, and network devices. The software’s multi-level topology view and innovative cross-linked device, card, circuit, and log screens make service provisioning and proactive troubleshooting over the network fast and accurate.

ProMD EMS provides a graphical overview of all the elements and their status within a network. It provides operators with an intuitive view of the network for quick, clear provisioning and routine service monitoring. Then, if issues or alarms occur, the interface delivers rapid troubleshooting with a clear definition of different devices and their service purpose (such as video transmission).

  • Operational Monitoring of Media Networks
  • Centralized Server/Client Architecture with Redundancy
  • Web Booking Portal
  • XML Scripting Engine for Device Modeling
  • Alarm & Trap Management
  • Customizable GUI
  • Quick Implementation and Integration of New Devices
  • Quick First-Time Set-up
  • Quick Provisioning for Future Planning

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