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This robust and precise remote head is ideal for heavy box lenses and shooting sporting events or any other long-range environments. At the core of the U50 are our highly robust dual tilt motors with zero backlash, providing lag-free operation.

Remote Controlled

Eliminating the need for operators to manually pan and tilt the camera onsite, they can move the camera remotely from a control room with flexible and intuitive input devices, like a joystick or pan bar. Whether you are following players on a football pitch or trailing F1 cars on a racetrack, the U50 provides cameras operators the stability and precision to control the cameras and big box lenses.


Extremely strong and backlash-free drive units give operators instant and delay-free control. The precise gear drives enable flawless operation even with the biggest zoom lenses, unlike worm gear drives which can cause judder. The hole through the centre of the gear boxes for cable pass-through removes the need for slip-rings and makes it future proof for high bandwidth digital video. This also allows for tangle free direct cabling.

Incredible Payload

The U50 features a U-shaped double frame for more strength, making it possible to achieve short abrupt whip pans with no bouncing when fully zoomed in. With its incredible payload it can facilitate the heaviest of camera packages up to 50kg.

Intuitive Control

Just like the rest of the Mo-Sys broadcast robotics, the U50 can be operated with a variety of input devices such as hand-wheels, pan-bar or joystick. The button-console interface provides controls for pan/tilt velocity adjustment, input smoothing and direction, user defined position limits with feathering and axes zeroing. It simplifies the operation of the head in remote-mode making it ideal for tech-less operation.

Product Specs

Weight: 28 kg (62lbs)

Payload: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Pan/Tilt speed: 180°/sec

Pan range: ±720

Tilt range: ±270 (depending on camera/lens)

Max system bus length (operating distance): 100 m

Max operating distance with optional radio: 300m

Max operating distance with optical fibre bridge:20 km

Pan/Tilt control options: Hand-wheels, pan-bar, joystick, micro joystick

VR encoder resolution: > 2 Million counts per revolution

Power: 15-32V (24V nom) 3A (nom) 20Apk

Mains: with PSU 110V-200V

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