Mo-Sys B20

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The B20 was specially designed to be used on virtual sets, and is particularly suited to long-term installations in TV studios. This robotic camera head is light and affordable, yet still has the same strong gears and fast response as our other heads.

Virtual Interface

With its full virtual interface and built-in encoders, the B20 provides precise tracking data for augmented graphics or virtual backgrounds in green screen surroundings. The broadcast head interfaces seamlessly to other Mo-Sys devices and in conjunction with e-Crane and lens encoding, forming the perfect kit or creating captivating tracking shots with virtual sets.

Flawless Operation

The B20 can also be used with ShotBox to allow movements to be recorded and then played back with the push of a button. The head comes with a custom TV console giving smooth control with a selection of joysticks. It can also be controlled by the standard Mo-Sys input devices as a very compact and lightweight head for location work. The B20 is the standard head for Mo-Sys e-Crane and ViaDolly.

Tidy cable management

The hollow shafts put an end to slip-rings. Instead, simply feed the cables through the holes to reduce costs and any risk of failure.

Product Specs

Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)

Payload: 20 kg (45 lbs)

Pan/Tilt Speed: 120º /sec

Pan/Tilt range: ±720

Max system bus length (operating distance): 100 m

Max operating distance with optional radio: 300 m

Max operating distance with optical fiber bridge: 20 km

Pan/Tilt control options: Handwheels, pan-bar, touchscreen console, button console, TV console

Power: 15-32V (24V nom) 3A (nom) 20 Apk

Mains: With PSU 110V-200V

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