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Virtual Production Demo: Vizrt Viz Engine 5

Headshot Fadi Radi, Creative Consultant

Fadi Radi

Creative Consultant
Headshot Grant Werle, Giraffic

Grant Werle

Giraffic -- General Manager USA
Headshot Ray Ratliff, Vizrt

Ray Ratliff

Vizrt -- Pre-Sales Consultant

Vizrt Viz Engine 5 with Unreal Engine Integration

The integration with Unreal Engine has been rewritten from the ground up for Viz Engine 5, providing a whole host of powerful new features with which artists can create stunning visuals. Viz Engine 5 provides a broadcast-friendly interface to Unreal Engine’s latest features, allowing artists to draw on Unreal’s excellent capabilities in creating photorealistic immersive environments and combine it seamlessly with photorealistic Viz Engine objects, data-driven graphics and more.

Join this exclusive demo where our experts will show how you can easily control and use both platforms to create great VR scenes and control all their graphical elements – and learn how the artist can always choose the best tool for the job and do so using a single interface and broadcast friendly workflow.

Stay tuned after the demo as we hear from thought leaders Grant Werle of Giraffic and creative consultant Fadi Radi, who will share their experience using Viz Engine 5 and UE5 during the 2022 U.S. midterm elections in delivering state-of-the-art graphics.

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About Viz Engine 5

Viz Engine is a powerful compositing and real-time 3D rendering platform that forms the foundation for a range of graphics and video production use cases, using advanced compositing, rendering, and keying. By enabling users to choose the perfect render pipeline for any task, Viz Engine enables media organizations to maximize creativity and deliver stronger audience engagement through immersive viewer experiences in any program. The groundbreaking integration of Viz Engine with Unreal Engine 5 sets new benchmarks for ease of use and performance.

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