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Demo Days: Bitmovin

Tom Kuppinen

Bitmovin Senior Sales Engineer

Bitmovin Video Analytics
Unquestionably, the data gathered from video analytics is critical for any streaming video service. Being able to react swiftly to issues and errors, having real-time insights into what viewers are experiencing, and utilizing a robust, flexible Analytics API are all key to unlocking the full potential of what OTT streaming video has to offer.

Bitmovin’s Analytics solution collects metrics from three key areas: audience, quality of service, and advertising. The video analytics dashboard efficiently organizes and delivers vast sets of complex metrics and data that flow from your systems to the analytics engine. These data sets can be grouped in a variety of ways, with forty different metrics, access to around two hundred dimensions and filters, that contain thirty filters and breakdowns available across three distinct dashboards.

In this “Demo Day” session, Bitmovin’s accomplished Solutions Architect Tom Kuppinen will walk you through the video analytics dashboard with a focus on session-level data monitoring and our brand new segment tracking feature.

This is a great session for OTT services to see how gathering insights help to optimize video infrastructure and to make critical changes to their streaming video workflow, before viewers even realize it, ensuring that they stay competitive and maximize revenue in the ever-evolving video landscape.