Wolftech is a story-centric workflow management system focused on streamlining news, sports and entertainment production. We guide an idea for a story or project through the entire process to multi-platform publishing. We deliver a web-based collaboration tool with a focus on planning, use of resources, and allowing the whole organization to collaborate effectively. We set out to tear down the walls that can exist between various teams and internal departments across numerous offices. This emphasis on synergy is achieved through the collaborative structure of the Wolftech system – enabling multiple teams/departments in various offices worldwide to access and contribute to a story together. Efficiency in story planning is enhanced through Wolftech’s integration between story planning and the following: PAM/MAM, research, booking, publishing, and Long Form production. Connection between story planning and Long Form production is an important differentiator, as Long Form project planning is often done today in different standalone applications. We realize that there are a lot of legacy systems in media organizations. To be able to provide customers with an efficient workflow, we have now built a strong integration platform that also works as a workflow engine. It can both; efficiently handle integration to other systems but also reciprocally integrate workflows between external systems back to Wolftech. Ultimately, using the Wolftech system, organizations gain a clearer outlook of their teams' stories and planning, whilst enabling their teams to work together with greater efficacy utilizing the single tool.

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Brendan Sultana

Head of Sales | Wolftech
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Miho Giskegjerde

Account Manager | Wolftech Broadcast Solutions